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Here's some centerpiece ideas and pricing to help you decide what

might be just right for your party. Don't feel you are limited to these ideas.

We are always open to new ideas!

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Centerpiece examples

If you are looking for a LOW ON THE TABLE CENTERPIECE:

Here's a good classic and classy look. The guitar can be one sided 

(solid black on the reverse) or have the image on both sides.

The table name can be a mini album as shown here or maybe a wavy banner.

classy guitar centerpiece

We can do simple flat foamcore bases with or without mylar poufs.

Maybe you want to use votive candles on a simple colored base that will 

contrast with your tablecloth and not be too glitzy. Yes, we can do that also.

simple colored base on guitar centerpieces

Maybe you would like a fancier base or a mic accent?

Or drumsticks and a touch of an accent theme?

Or maybe adding a name and date?

Our octagon bases are very versatile for a fancier look and can 

be done in different colors and patterns.

Here's two guitars back to back on a diamond mesh octagon base.

We can put just about any design on these cool octagon bases.

How about silvery fire? 


Maybe you just want something simple like a little

sprinkling of shredded mylar to glitz up the base?

We try to fit all budget ranges.

Or, maybe you would want wings added? This was a cute idea for a baby shower.

It also shows what the shredded mylar looks like around the base.


Or we can make little guitars with no cutouts...just all the information 

printed as one piece for a very simple yet effective look. It can be

customize with different guitars and different wording.

simple you rock guitars

We can make triangular and square cubes in various sizes for small cocktail round

tables or larger for table centerpieces. They can feature custom logos and fun photos.

cubes and triangle centerpieces

TO ORDER: email anytime with your party information.

We'll send you back a written proposal with prices, shipping  and payment information.





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