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Cool Ideas

color matched guitars and bases

Our basic base is flat foamcore to make the guitars freestand. But we

can upgrade the base to an octagon base that is color matched to any guitar we have to give

the guitars a beautiful effect. Stars or musical notes can be added also.


How about a guitar with cut out words~~!

These guitars can be 21" or 36" (½" thick) AND have words on either side AND they can be different words!

Maybe you'd like a name, date, age, etc. on the reverse side.

The guitar outline can be any color glitter and the insert behind the words can be any color too.


Or...another idea.

We can put a light wire around around 36" guitars. The el wire is 10' long and goes

all around a 36" or leaves extra to twine around the base of a 21" guitar.

el wire lights on guitars

We can make more 'graphic'-styled guitars instead of photo realistic ones.

We can add glitter to them. They take more time but they do give a more

artistic styling to the guitars if you are looking for that look.

graphic style guitars

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