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Over The Top Designs

There are so many accents we can add to make the Guitar Centerpieces

just more special.  

We can add glittery edges on ANY guitar.

Low on the table or elevated for high drama.

guitars with glittery edges


We can add keyboards with glittered and dimensional 

keys. We can add funky notes or a themed octagon base.

Over the top guitars

We can make things super tall or super big.

Tall keyboard guitar display

We hand paint our really big guitars and accent with glitter.

really big guitars

We can add a big glittery name.

We can add mini albums to any of our guitar images.

Or, we can use your own photos in the squares and even in the ipod screen.

We can do wide foamcore poles for display tables or a taller thin pole for dining table centerpieces where you need to see across the table.



We can even make guitars 3D.

We can add extra layering cutouts.

We can even come up with something uniquely one-of-a-kind.

If you have an idea for something OVER THE TOP, give us a shout.

TO ORDER: email anytime with your party information.

We'll send you back a written proposal with prices, shipping  and payment information.





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