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Gift Card Boxes

These AMP GIFT CARD BOXES are one of our most

 popular styles because they fit so well with guitars.

There are many ways we can customize them but this is the basic look @$85.

amplifier gift card box

We can make them matte black or glossy blue or any other color.

amp gift card box in blue

We can add guitars on the top for displaying on your 

Placecard/Welcome table.

They can even be cool table centerpieces with or without the slot for cards.

We can make them any colors and accent them with 

a 21" or 36" guitar.


Silver makes a smashing looking amp also!

Pianos coordinate the look for some folks.

iPods or iPhones might also work for you.

There is always a very cool 3D guitar available in ANY COLOR.

How about a square gift card box with several photos and room for personalization for a birthday, graduation, mitzvah or any event that needs to collect gift cards.


If these aren't enough ideas, you can visit our other site (Marlyss & Stacey) and explore more possibilities.

We are open to any ideas.  Send them over!

TO ORDER: email anytime with your party information.

We'll send you back a written proposal with prices, shipping  and payment information.





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